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San Francisco Vacations

The City by the Bay

What makes San Francisco one of America’s favorite cities? Breath- taking views of the Golden Gate Bridge overlooking the majestic bay? Unparalleled shopping in Union Square and Fisherman’s Wharf? Impressive historical landmarks like Alcatraz, Coit Tower and the Palace of the Fine Arts?

Whether you’re looking for a delightfully entertaining weekend or an extended, restful vacation; San Francisco will surely leave you more than gratified.

San Francisco Facts

San Francisco is the fourth-largest city in California but second only to New York as the most densely populated major American city. It is one of the world’s top Tourist Destinations and has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the USA and the world.

San Francisco Hotels

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San Francisco History

San Francisco is rich in history ; from the Spanish explorers to the famous earthquake of 1906, which destroyed 80% of the city. Today the phoenix on the city’s flag proudly symbolizes the city’s “rebirth” from the ashes of the fire.



Check out our picks for things to see when at San Francisco's Pier 39.

The diversity of San Francisco makes shopping an adventure. There

The cable car system is an icon of San Francisco. They are the world's only permanently operational manually-operated cable car system in existence. These cable cars are also the USA's only moving National Historic Landmarks.

Quite possibly one of the most famous bridges in the world, the Golden Gate Bridge is by far the most recognizable icon of San Francisco. Strauss and his crew began the construction of the bridge in January 1933...

"The Rock" was a Federal Prison and home to famous criminals such as Al Capone. The island of Alcatraz was made infamous by the Anglin Brothers who escaped and never found.

The great San Francisco earthquake started at 5:12 in the morning on April 18, 1906. The epicenter of the San Francisco earthquake was only 2 miles from the city. It's devastation spanned 296 miles...

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