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Disneyland® Park and Disney's California Adventure® Park

First of all, take some time to learn more about Disneyland® Resort California and it’s neighboring California Adventure Park. You may want to explore their website or pick up a travel book on Anaheim, as there is so much to do in a relatively small area. The city is designed around Tourists and families and Disneyland® Resort will be just one attraction on your list. I recommend taking a comprehensive look at the magic of aDisneyland® Resort vacation before you buy your tickets and make your hotel reservations.

Next, you’ll want to start thinking about your overall budget for the Disneyland® Resort California trip because it’s going to be expensive. From the Disneyland® Resort tickets to the hotels and the activities, you’ll want to figure out what you are willing to spend and what is most important for you to do. For example, some tickets can be purchases to see only parts of the park for a certain amount of days, while others that cost more allow you to do more. Would you rather spend more days at the parks, or stay in a nicer hotel. Some tips on saving money in Disneyland® Resort are: Pack your own lunch and snacks to save on the high costs of food in the park. You can also purchase Disneyland® Resort souvenirs at local shops along Harbor Drive (and numerous other streets) at a fraction of what they cost inside the park. Another tip is to look for hotels that are a little farther away from the park, as they are a less expensive. Most of these hotels offer a courtesy shuttle to and from the park. Coupons can also save you a great deal of money. Consider a ticket book such as the Southern California Citypass. You can also purchase discount tickets at places such as Discount Tickets and Tours at 1650 South Harbor Boulevard.

With all the hotel booking agents and online services, you can save a lot of money in commissions to travel agents. If you head to the Disneyland® Resort site, you’ll find that the tickets are costly and also include a service charge. But one of the best ways to help manage costs and activities for Disneyland® Resort California is to plan your trip well in advance. When you buy airline tickets early and in the off season, you can expect to see dramatic reductions in prices.

These suggestions may help you make the most of your vacation to California, but the most important thing to remember is once you get arrive in Disneyland® Resort, relax and enjoy your time! Try not to focus on budgets and schedules once your are there, and enjoy the magic of the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

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