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Sea World

For all those people curious to know more about marine life and ready to discover its mysteries, Sea World San Diego is the place to go! Situated on 22 acres along the shore of Mission Bay, Sea World San has maintained a reputation as a center for education and entertainment. Time spent at sea world engages visitors, making sure they revisit! combines fun with learning.

shamu at Sea World

Visitors frequently visit Sea World San Diego for many reasons. The chance to spend quality time with Shamu tops the list. Shamu, the killer whale is a center of. To make this a unique experience, visitors at Sea World San Diego have the chance to interact with Shamu’s trainers, and even dine by Shamu’s pool. Be prepared to get soaked if you sit on the first row during the awe-inspiring 20-minute Shamu show where you can see this killer whale at its natural best. In fact, when it comes to dining options sea world offers many. For instance, the unusual experience of dining inside a shipwrecked schooner is only possible at Sea World San Diego!

There are also many guided tours available at sea world. There are tours that teach visitors about animal training and care, and others that involve visitors into conservation efforts. But at sea world san diego, there also many activities that translate into pure fun! For instance, you can enjoy whitewater adventure ride, a wild roller coaster ride, rock wall climbing, and other entertaining activities at Sea World San Diego.

Shamu at Sea World

There are many special attractions at Sea World San Diego. For instance, at the Forbidden Reef you can touch and feed Californiabat rays or feed dolphins at the Rocky Point Preserve. You can also watch different varieties of sharks at Sea World San Diego in a walk-through acrylic tube called the Shark Encounter.

Age is no barrier at Sea World San Diego. While an adult must accompany children below a certain age group, there is no upper age limit to enjoy Sea World San Diego. In fact, sea world san diego has special packages for visitors above the age of 50.

So you can visit sea world in San Diego if you are looking for fun. But above all, come to Sea World San Diego to experience a different world!

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